Mtn View Rent Control

Protect Mountain View Rent Control!

Mtn View voters passed Measure V in 2016 to end arbitrary rent hikes and stop landlords evicting tenants for no reason. This was a historic victory, led by grassroots group Mountain View Tenants Coalition.

Now landlords want to tear this lifeline away from 30,000+ tenants, paying signature gatherers to swarm downtown and push what Mayor Lenny Siegel has called a “sneaky repeal” onto the November ballot. Their initiative would end rent control and just cause eviction requirements in Mountain View.

The landlord lobby is calling their initiative the Homeowner, Renter and Taxpayer Protection Initiative. Don’t let them mislead you!

What if I already signed?

If you already signed the sneaky repeal, don’t worry! You can use this form letter prepared by a Tenants Coalition member to rescind your signature. Make sure to fill it out and send it in to the city clerk as soon as possible.

Join the fight

Only through people power can we prevent the “sneaky repeal” from making it onto the ballot, or defeat it in November. To join the SV DSA volunteer effort for Measure V, sign up here!

To landlords our city is an ATM, but for us it’s home. We won’t let them kick us out to boost their profits.

Housing for People, not Profits

Defending renter protections like Measure V is only the first step towards housing that is for people, not for profits.

All over California, tenants are organizing for a repeal of the Costa-Hawkins act, which bans cities from introducing more comprehensive and effective rent control. By working together and forming democratic tenants unions with our neighbors we will have a strong voice for our interests.

More housing needs to be built, and it needs to be controlled by the community.