The Electoral Working Group was officially chartered on 8/30/2018.

Endorsements & Recommendations

For our current endorsements and ballot recommendations, check out our SV DSA 2020 Voter Guide!


As members of Silicon Valley DSA, we propose the creation of an

  1. Electoral Working Group
  2. Which would report to the Silicon Valley DSA chapter
  3. Which would have the following objectives:
    • Provide a thorough database of information on elected officials and their policy positions for use by the chapter.
    • Elect socialists to representative offices.
    • Pass ballot initiatives which directly address the material needs of the working class, and which strengthen worker power.
    • Provide the public with reliable informational materials on elections from a democratic socialist perspective.
    • Increase voter turnout in elections, including amongst historically disenfranchised communities
    • Advocate for initiatives and reforms that create a more equitable electoral system.
  4. Using these initial strategies:
    • Research and Endorsements:
      • Research currently elected official’s policy positions and voting history for use by the chapter.
      • Create a recurring city-council watch, which will attend local city council meetings and keep the chapter appraised of the actions of local city governments.
      • Research and provide recommendations to the chapter on candidates and initiatives seeking our endorsement.
      • Research and evaluate candidates and initiatives not immediately seeking our endorsement, but which may be of interest to the chapter, and provide a recommendation on their endorsement.
    • Campaigning and Elections:
      • Coordinate campaigning and outreach for endorsed ballot initiatives and candidates with other working groups and the chapter as a whole at the discretion of the members of the working group.
      • Create voting information materials for each election cycle, the formatting and distribution of which should be coordinated with the Socialist Media Committee.
      • Create a voter guide to be approved by the chapter before each election.
      • Manage and implement the candidate questionnaire and endorsement process.
      • Work with other working groups whenever possible to handle campaigns.
      • Coordinate voter registration efforts and drives to get individuals to vote.
  5. Duration:
    • Until the objectives are accomplished, or the working group feels that it has the momentum and resources to broaden their objectives or initial strategies.
  6. Anticipated Use of Funds:
    • We anticipate that we will need to spend no special allotment of funds other than for meeting space and incidental expenses such as printing.
  7. Membership:
    • Would be open to members of Silicon Valley DSA.