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Thank you for your interest in the Silicon Valley chapter of Democratic Socialists of America! We at Silicon Valley DSA want to liberate the United States from a political-economic system that works only for an elite few—a system we call capitalism.

To get more involved with us, please sign up for our weekly newsletter and let us know some basic information about you. As we grow, this will help us build democratic socialist power locally!

We will never share your information with anyone outside of the Democratic Socialists of America.

See Join DSA for how to become a member of the national DSA and a voting member of our chapter.

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In DSA, we are part of a nationwide network of volunteer organizers fighting for socialism. We are building an organization that is democratically controlled and funded by its members. To become a member, pay dues to the national DSA:

National membership is required to be a voting member of SV DSA.

Membership comes with a subscription of Democratic Left magazine as well as your official “socialist organizer” card, and allows you to access national teleconferences and webinars put on by the national organization. These dues help to pay for our wonderful staff members and traveling organizers, as well as fund our organization’s national campaign efforts chosen democratically at the biennial national convention.

If paying dues is a hardship, please contact us. Our goal is that everyone who wants to become a member of DSA can do so.