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We at Silicon Valley DSA want to liberate the United States from a political-economic system that works only for an elite few—a system we call capitalism.

We are one of the many local chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America. Connecting with your local chapter of DSA is the best way to get involved in the fight for socialism.

Connect with your local chapter!

To get more involved with our local, please sign up with us and let us know some basic information about you. As we grow, this will help us build democratic socialist power locally.

We will get you set up with email & text updates, and reach out to you individually. Please also read our Code of Conduct for participating in SV DSA spaces.

Become a DSA member!

In DSA, we are part of a nationwide network of volunteer organizers fighting for socialism. We are building an organization that is democratically controlled and funded by its members. To become a DSA member and a voting member of our chapter, sign up with national DSA:

Dues are not mandatory. Request a dues waiver and please contact us if you have any issues joining.

Membership comes with a subscription of Democratic Left magazine, your official “socialist organizer” card, and access to national trainings and other resources. Dues help to pay for our national staff and programs.

Help fund your local chapter!

Use the form below to donate local dues to Silicon Valley DSA. In accordance with our bylaws, local dues do not confer membership rights or any other privileges. Information on who is paying voluntary local dues shall be restricted to officers and as needed for specific purposes. Individuals shall not retain this information. Donors may cancel their dues at any time. If requested, past dues may be returned at the discretion of the Chapter Committee.

Local dues will go directly to the general fund of SV DSA, and may be used for chapter expenses in accord with our Bylaws. SV DSA is a 501c4 non-profit and donations are not tax-deductible. To cancel a recurring donation, email

Each individual can decide for themselves to what extent to contribute to SV DSA or National DSA. SV DSA encourages members to pay $5 monthly to National DSA if you can afford it.

To set up a one-time donation instead of voluntary local dues, click here.