Weekly Newsletter – 11/2/20

Hi comrade! Election day is almost upon us. Comrades don’t let comrades doom-scroll alone! We will be tracking results at the national level and for our endorsed candidates and ballot measures. Join us on Election Night as we take in the numbers in real time. We may not have the final results of the presidential… Read more »

Weekend Events – 10/30/20

Silicon Valley DSA has a ton of opportunities for you to have fun and fight for socialism this weekend. Come get spooky at the Halloween Social, learn music composition at the Mutual Aid Fundraiser, and brush up your direct action skills at the Protest 101 workshop. And with elections just days away, our endorsed candidates… Read more »

Mountain View City Council: Hands off rent control!

Update 6:38pm: The item is officially withdrawn! Mountain View, CA – October 27, 2020 – Silicon Valley DSA believes the Mountain View City Council’s upcoming consideration of a proposal to appoint four new members to the Rental Housing Committee (RHC) at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 27th, is an unprecedented and undemocratic move… Read more »

Weekly Newsletter – 10/26/20

Hi comrade! We’re less than two weeks from the election, but as you know, democratic socialism does not begin or end with the presidency. Regardless of the results next week, we are collectively empowered to create change that produces a more just and fair world for all. Our individual voices are being heard at the… Read more »

Revolution in Redwood City

This blog was written by one of our volunteer organizers in Redwood City. If you would like to contribute a story to the SV DSA blog, email comms@siliconvalleydsa.org. Grassroots organizing hits different in Redwood City. If you live or work here, then you know that’s not a controversial statement.  I moved here when I was… Read more »

Weekend Events 10/23/20

Lots of great newbie events this weekend! Can’t wait to see new faces at our New Member Orientation tomorrow. Mutual Aid has another fantastic, and informative, fundraiser. Elections are also right around the corner, so be sure to help out our endorsed candidates! If you’re just getting involved, the best place to start is our… Read more »

Weekly Newsletter – 10/19/20

Hi comrade! The election is approaching (in an already-spooky time of year), but it’s not time to get scared — it’s time to organize. As socialists, we believe our economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. And we believe in your ability to help… Read more »

Letter of Condemnation: Diana Reddy

Silicon Valley DSA condemns the racist, dismissive, and insensitive statements made by Redwood City Councilwoman Diana Reddy in response to widespread public calls to defund the police. Since June, thousands of people around the country and right here in Redwood City have called to defund and descope the police and have asked for concrete action… Read more »

Welcome to the SV DSA Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the Silicon Valley Democratic Socialists of America! As a part of our ongoing fight for working class power, we recognize that knowledge is key to organizing. Here you’ll find content like: Official statements and press releases from SV DSA Updates on relevant events, projects, and causes Personal reflections from our… Read more »