Solidarity Fund

Aid Referrals

The Solidarity Fund is no longer taking referrals for aid as of 5 April, as we are in the process of contacting our existing referrals. The Solidarity Fund redistributes funds to people impacted by the police and prisons system in the counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo. This project is a collaboration between Redwood City Jail Support and Silicon Valley DSA, and it uses funds that were raised during the George Floyd protests. If you have already contacted the fund, you can expect a call, text, or email before May 1st. If you already contacted the fund, and need to update contact information, you can fill out this form here. If you cannot fill out the form, please call or text: 408-418-2155.

El Fondo de Solidaridad ya no acepta referencias para obtener ayuda, y estamos en el proceso de comunicarnos con referencias que ya se han comunicado con el fondo. Si ya se ha comunicado con nosotros, espere una llamada, un mensaje de texto o un correo electrónico antes del 1 de mayo. Si ya se ha comunicado con el fondo y necesita actualizar la información de contacto u otros detalles, haga clic aquí. Si no puede completar el formulario en línea, llame o envíe un mensaje de texto al 408-418-2155.


If you are impacted by the prison system and need support, these organizations may not be able to provide direct financial aid, but might still be able to help fulfill your needs:

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County

Upper Bay Area

Other Resources:

*Disclaimer: We do not endorse or uphold partnerships with some or any of these organizations. This is simply a compiled list of resources for those directly impacted.

Fund Tracker

A maximum of $2,500 is given per application, under one or both of the following categories:

  1. Bail support and record expungement (funds going to the jail & prison system)
  2. Direct aid for individuals or families of incarcerated individuals