Socialist Feminist

The Socialist Feminist Working group was chartered on 2019-05-28. Throughout this document we will be using the term women to refer to the following: people who identify as women (in whole or in some way that is significant to them) and/or people who are targeted by misogyny/subject to patriarchy. The Socialist Feminist Working Group recognizes that the concerns of women intersect with those of other groups including queer and non-binary people. Socialist Feminism recognizes the need for liberation for all.


As members of Silicon Valley DSA, we propose the creation of a

    1. Socialist Feminist Working Group
    2. Which would report to the Silicon Valley DSA chapter
    3. Which would have the following objectives:
      • Create a space for women and non-binary comrades to come together in typically male-dominated leftist spaces.
      • Establish socialist feminist solidarity among comrades and community members to amplify women and non-binary voices in socialism.
      • Host and promote events that accomplish any of the aforementioned goals
    4. Initial strategy
      • Create consistent spaces for women and non-binary comrades to organize around their working class struggles.
      • Hold meetings for community members and members of Silicon Valley DSA.
      • Build coalitions with other groups whose interests overlap with those of this working group including other working groups inside Silicon Valley DSA and other community groups.
      • Educate ourselves and others, and take political action in areas where women and non-binary people are specifically hurt under capitalism
      • Hold campaigns to fund and create Period Packs for those that menstruate.
      • Promote legislation that decriminalizes sex work and creates a safer work environment for sex workers.
    5. Duration
      • Until the objectives are met or the working group feels that it has the momentum and resources to broaden their objectives and/or initial strategies.
    6. Anticipated use of funds
      • We anticipate that we will need no special allotment of funds other than for meeting space and incidental expenses, such as printing.
    7. Membership criteria
      • Because of the historical and cultural oppression of women, we have created special rules to ensure that our SocFem WG is an empowering space for women that can actually accomplish the goals above. Many women find it difficult to participate and speak in meetings where men outnumber women, and some women find it difficult to fully participate when men are present. In cases where women have had to deal with emotional, cultural, physical, sexual dominance or abuse, some women will not feel they are free to open up about past experiences or share their opinions in front of men. We feel that we should not completely exclude our feminist male comrades, but there needs to be compromise to make sure we are welcoming to as many women as possible. In order to empower and amplify all women’s voices and help cultivate a space where women feel strong and able to take leadership roles within or outside of the Soc Fem WG, we enforce the following:
        • At our meetings we will follow progressive stack.
        • Men are asked to abstain from voting on working group decisions.
        • We ask that male comrades step back and allow the conversation to be guided by and dominated by female voices.
        • We ask that our male comrades volunteer to be of service to our goals and attend as allies.
        • We also reserve the right to convene caucus spaces for women and non-binary people to discuss anything that becomes an issue.
        • Leadership will be comprised of only women and non-binary people. Men are not allowed to hold leadership seats.