The Justice Working Group was officially chartered on 7/14/2018.


As members of Silicon Valley DSA, we propose the creation of a

  1. Justice Working Group
  2. which would report to the Silicon Valley DSA chapter
  3. to radically transform the United States criminal justice system to align with a democratic socialist vision of justice. The system we envision has these features:
    • Focuses on rehabilitation, rather than retribution.
    • Addresses the underlying social factors that influence crime, especially poverty and racism, rather than solely responding to individual criminal acts.
    • Publicly funded, with no for-profit motives.
    • Applied fairly and without discrimination on the basis of class, race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, ability status, or any other axis of oppression.
    • Acknowledges and redresses the damage it has done, especially towards already marginalized communities.
    • Local communities actively participate in developing and enacting the policies and procedures that affect them.
  4. to obtain justice for and support the well-being of individuals and communities harmed by the current system of policing and mass incarceration, especially in the Silicon Valley area.
  5. using these initial strategies:
    • Supporting and campaigning for elected officials and legislation that align with our goals.
    • Supporting initiatives that protect those harmed by the system, such as the Rapid Response Network. Creating and continuing initiatives that do the same, such as brake light clinics.
    • Building coalitions with local, statewide, and national organizations that share our goals.
  6. to last until the above objectives are met.
  7. We anticipate that we will need to spend $30 per month for the following kinds of expenses:
    • Outreach materials: signs, signup sheets, leave-behind flyers
    • Canvassing support: water and snacks for canvassers
    • Meeting spaces (for strategy meetings, public events, and canvass kickoffs)
  8. Membership is open to all Silicon Valley DSA members.