The Housing and Development Working Group was officially chartered on 9/19/2017.


As members of South Bay DSA, we propose the creation of a

  1. Housing and Development Working Group, hereafter HDWG,
  2. which would report to the South Bay DSA Chapter.
  3. The HDWG will fulfill the following objectives:
    • We will work to decommodify housing.
    • We will work to achieve environmentally and financially sustainable development of transportation, housing, schools, and other communal uses of capital.
    • We will work to prevent displacement while promoting policies to allow anyone regardless of class, race, identity to access housing, education, schools, and other communal uses of capital.
  4. using these initial strategies:
    • Contact, build rapport with, and pressure local and state representatives. Two examples are attending and participating at meetings of local councils and the Rental Housing Committee of Mountain View.
    • Support and advocate for local tenants groups and homeless advocacy groups as part of and in addition to a strategy of organizing residents.
    • Develop strategies to make material improvements to housing and development including re-exploring public housing and public land trusts, working to drive down land prices, encouraging accessory dwelling units, developing innovating and disruptive solutions, developing and advocating for socialist transportation policies.
    • Have discussions about socialist policies on education, transportation, and housing. Include internal and external education such as hearings, meetings, and workshops.
    • On the way towards achieving our objectives, we will work for repealing policies such as Prop 13 or the Costa-Hawkins Act, and for the establishment of land value taxation.
    • Work with unions as our preferred labor partners whenever possible.
  5. to last until the above objectives are met.
  6. We anticipate that we will need to spend no special allotment of funds other than for meeting space and incidental expenses such as printing.
  7. Membership is open to all South Bay DSA members.

What we’re up to at SVDSA Housing

  • We are actively soliciting point persons in Silicon Valley cities to research local housing policy and let us know what’s going on in your local community!
    • Currently we have point persons in the following cities:
      • Palo Alto
      • Mountain View
      • Sunnyvale
      • San Jose
      • Cupertino
      • Los Altos
      • Los Altos Hills
      • Stanford
    • We are still missing comrades to help us research in the following cities:
      • Redwood City
      • Santa Clara
      • Milpitas
      • Gilroy
      • East Palo Alto
      • Daly City
      • South San Francisco
      • San Mateo
      • All Other cities in San Mateo and Santa Clara County
    • If you are interested in helping us research, please let us know! you can email us at housing (at) siliconvalleydsa (dot) org for more information on how to help out.