The Healthcare Working Group was officially chartered on 9/19/2017.


As members of South Bay DSA, we propose the creation of a

  1. Healthcare Working Group
  2. which would report to the South Bay DSA Chapter
  3. to fulfill the following objectives:
    • To establish a single payer healthcare system in the state of California or at the national level. Features of such a system:
      • Comprehensive coverage
      • Free at the point of service
      • Ban on redundant private insurance coverage
      • Publicly and progressively funded
      • Universal to all California residents regardless of immigration status
      • Privacy protections for undocumented patients
    • To educate the public about the deficiencies of our current privatized and commoditized healthcare system, and how single payer would solve those problems and help individuals and our community
    • To advocate single payer healthcare not as an end goal, but as a first step towards a fully socialized healthcare system
  4. using this initial strategy:
    • Reach out to our community by canvassing, tabling, and holding town halls
    • Pressure elected officials to support single payer at public events
    • Work as part of the Healthy California campaign coalition or similar organizations and with local community groups
  5. to last until the above objectives are met.
  6. We anticipate that we will need to spend $30 per month for the following kinds of expenses:
    • Outreach materials: signs, signup sheets, leave-behind flyers
    • Canvassing support: water and snacks for canvassers
    • Meeting spaces (for strategy meetings, public events, and canvass kickoffs)
  7. Membership is open to all South Bay DSA members.