The Ecosocialist Working Group was officially chartered on 2/31/2019


As members of the Silicon Valley DSA, we propose the creation of an

  1. Ecosocialist Working Group
  2. which would report to the Silicon Valley Chapter of DSA
  3. to fulfill the Following Objectives:
    • Build and support sustainable socialist alternatives to the current destructive capitalist system. A healthy planet cannot coexist with the capitalist system. Therefore, we must democratize ownership and control of the means of production to ensure that (necessarily ecologically harmful) growth is not an imperative.
    • Address the most urgent parts of the climate crisis. We recognize the danger of certain tipping points such as a 1.5°C temperature rise, so we will also organize within the current system to minimize harm. We will do so keeping in mind that ultimately only socialism can save the planet.
    • Educate those within our chapter, and beyond, about the climate crisis and the need to act now to ensure that the world will remain habitable and healthy for human development and for the survival of other species.
    • Address the legacy of environmental racism and injustice. Although climate change threatens all human beings, we recognize that communities of color and poor communities, particularly in the global south, suffer disproportionately from the destructive forces of capitalism and, for indigenous communities, from the theft of land and resources. We will seek to expose environmental injustice and fight for environmental justice for all communities.
  4.  using this initial strategy:
    • Build and support sustainable socialist alternatives
      • Supporting the establishment of public banking which encourages financing of environmental initiatives and allows for divestment from fossil fuels.
      • Encouraging and supporting the development of co-ops & community land trusts.
      • Socializing utilities (such as PG&E), supporting community choice alternatives & opposing bailout measures.
      • Working with other working groups, recognizing that their goals intersect and align with environmental needs.
      • Building coalitions with local, statewide, and national organizations that share our goals.
    • Address the most urgent parts of the climate crisis
      • Supporting the Green New Deal and other radical legislative solutions which directly address climate change, by pressuring our local legislators and cities.
      • Addressing issues involving water, food, and agriculture through education and action.
      • Work with local cities to declare an environmental state of emergency, following the examples of cities like Oakland and London.
      • Taking action to decrease or eliminate the use of fossil fuels by supporting divestment campaigns, promoting clean transportation policy based on mass transit, etc.
    • Educate those within our chapter and beyond
      • Reaching out to our community by canvassing, tabling, and other educational events.
      • Creating educational materials such as zines, lectures, cookbooks, or red talks.
      • Hosting internal educational events such as movie nights, research parties, and social gatherings.
    • Address the legacy of environmental racism and injustice
      • Supporting indigenous sovereignty, which includes the protection of sacred sites.
      • Working in support of food sovereignty and security, so all communities can have autonomy over the food that they eat and the means by which it is grown and made available.
      • Addressing public health, migration, and displacement crises which arise from climate change.
  5.  to last until the above objectives are met.
  6. We anticipate that we will need to spend no special allotment of funds other than for meeting space and incidental expenses, such as printing.
  7. Membership is open to all Silicon Valley DSA chapter members.