From each according to their ability (to pay)!

Use this form make a secure one time donation to Silicon Valley DSA. In accordance with our bylaws, donations do not confer membership rights or any other privilege.

By default, your donation will go directly to the general fund of SV DSA, and may be used for chapter expenses in accord with our Bylaws. SV DSA is a 501c4 non-profit , and donations are not tax deductible.

Alternative fund options

If you select alternative dropdown options, funds will be used as follows:

Temporary Bail Fund

You would like to donate towards bail, fines, legal fees, jail support, or closely related expenses as described in this document.

Silicon Valley DSA is working with the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild to provide support for people in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area who are arrested in the process of demonstrations, protests, and due to newly-imposed curfews.

Money in the Fund may be used to pay bail, fines, or legal fees; to provide jail support; and to pay for closely related expenses.

The fund shall sunset on June 30 unless extended by a Chapter vote. Any money left over after the Fund sunsets will be directed to a bail fund project chosen by the Officers or the Chapter, such as the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

If you want to get in touch with the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild for legal support, please call 1-415-909-4NLG (4654).

If you ARE in custody and want to reach the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild’s protest and demonstration hotline, call 415-285-1011. (Pro tip: Write it on your arm in sharpie if you think you may be arrested.)

COVID-19 Fund

You would like to donate to “aid projects related to the Coronavirus crisis” as described in this document.

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