From each according to their ability!

Use this form make a secure one time donation to Silicon Valley DSA. In accordance with our bylaws, donations do not confer membership rights or any other privilege.

By default, your donation will go directly to the general fund of SV DSA, and may be used for chapter expenses in accord with our Bylaws. SV DSA is a 501c4 non-profit, and donations are not tax deductible.

Alternative fund options

If you select alternative dropdown options, funds will be used as follows:

Mutual Aid Fund

To donate monthly to the mutual aid fund, please click here.

Support our wildfire and COVID relief work and projects benefiting unhoused people by contributing to our Mutual Aid fund.

Review our Mutual Aid fund tracker to see our fundraising information and funds spent from three sources:

  • general funds that we spent on mutual aid projects
  • the old fund for COVID-19 specific mutual aid projects (see previous fundraising terms)
  • and the current Mutual Aid fund

Prior to the establishment of this fund, Silicon Valley DSA has bought and distributed approximately 5,000 KN95 respirator masks for use by people affected by unhealthy air quality due to the various Lightning Complex Fires throughout the SF Bay Area, particularly SCU and CZU.

We have provided bulk mask deliveries to a number of partner organizations for distribution in their communities, and we have partnered closely with South Bay Mutual Aid and the San Jose Peace and Justice Center to provide masks directly to the public in Downtown San Jose.

Please review this document detailing the specifics of the fundraiser including the uses this money will be put to.

Temporary Bail Fund

Fundraising for the Temporary Bail Fund is on hold as of July 15 per a request from San Mateo County Jail Support. Thank you for your generous support.

Money raised may be spent as described in the Temporary Bail Fund fundraising terms.

Bail Fund Tracker

If you want to get in touch with the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild for legal support, please call 1-415-909-4NLG (4654). If you ARE in custody and want to reach the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild’s protest and demonstration hotline, call 415-285-1011. (Pro tip: Write it on your arm in sharpie if you think you may be arrested.)

To set up monthly voluntary local dues instead of a one-time donation, click here.