Solidarity with Anchor Steam Workers

At noon on February 7th, 2019, Anchor workers delivered a letter to management requesting that they recognize the Anchor Workers Steam Union. 1

Silicon Valley DSA Labor proudly stands in solidarity with Anchor Steam workers in their fight for livable wages and respect for the dignity of their labor. Local jobs that pay a living wage form the base for our community and cultural institutions. Without them, our community will continue to be deteriorated by capital, as it forces the people of San Francisco to either live in poverty, or be dislocated from their city. As of now, Anchor workers are struggling to survive and raise their families in San Francisco>2, and the entire community is suffering from it. San Francisco is Union Friendly area3, and in their attempt to form a union, the Anchor workers are continuing with San Francisco’s long labor history of struggle and progress. For us as socialists, their struggle for recognition is both instructive and inspirational as we all work to bring democracy into our workplaces.

For these reasons, Silicon Valley DSA will support Anchor workers in their effort to have Anchor Union recognized. The reasons listed above are also why we strongly condemn actions taken by Anchor management to interfere with this effort, after they had claimed that they would be neutral in this process4.

In Solidarity!

Silicon Valley Democratic Socialists of America


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