Solidarity with Hotel Workers

This summer, union hotel workers represented by UNITE HERE! enter into contract negotiations with Marriott hotels. Marriott is, by far, the largest hotel chain in world. Last year, they spent $3 Billion dollars in share buybacks to return profits to shareholders, rather than justly compensate their 177,000 workers around the world. We of Silicon Valley DSA recognize that the hotel industry is integral to the success of Silicon Valley but the people who make these hotels run cannot currently have a decent standard of living while working multiple jobs, let alone one. We see our fellow workers and community members regularly go without health benefits, safe and affordable housing, job security, and consistent scheduling while automation threatens to further destabilize their futures. These are workers of color, immigrants, women, and union members who demand and deserve better in San Jose and in cities across the country. The message from Marriott workers is clear: one job should be enough.

Silicon Valley DSA encourages everyone to support workers by agreeing to not cross a picket line in the case of a hotel strike or boycott. You can sign this pledge as an individual agreeing to not dine, sleep, or visit a hotel in the event of a contract dispute: You can also support unionized hotels and find them at this guide:

As a socialist organization, we stand in solidarity with all workers who stand up and collectively act to improve their standard of living and working conditions.
Un pueblo unido, jamás será vencido.