Socialist Media

There’s a tremendous amount of media talent in our chapter. We have members with web design and programming skills, professional designers, talented writers, videographers, and interviewers.

However, our media presence isn’t very strong right now. That’s not because we don’t have the right people in our chapter. It’s because we haven’t made enough of an effort to organize the amazing people we already have.

To fix that, we’re organizing a Socialist Media Committee, modeled after the very successful work in DSA-LA and other chapters. We will develop our own coherent voice, support the work that’s already being done in our chapter, and reach more people than we ever thought possible.

Broadly, the goals of the group are to:

  • Educate the public about our shared vision of a democratic socialist society and agitate against the abuses and power imbalance inherent in capitalism.
  • Publicize and support the positions taken by our Chapter and its Branches and Working Groups, and promote our events and actions.