Electoral WG Organizing Call

Hey all, we’re resuscitating the Electoral WG, which wasn’t met for a while now. Let’s convene and discuss direction, priorities, roster, and plan a breakout for the October 17 Chapter Meeting. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89398092272?pwd=YnlxSU05dSsvdjFNMnhQRURjVHNUUT09

New Member Orientation

Have you heard about DSA and want to know more? Or are you already a brand new member and want to find out how to get more involved? Come to our New Member Orientation for a brief introduction to democratic socialism, what your local chapter of DSA is up to in Silicon Valley, and how… Read more »

Tech & Data Committee Working Session

Tech & Data Committee is having a work session today! The SV DSA Tech & Data Committee maintains chapter technology infrastructure and works on technical projects to further our organizing efforts. We’re actively looking for new folks who are interested in helping out! Our projects include: – a membership portal to serve as the single… Read more »

Training: Messaging Your Electoral Campaign

The DSA National Electoral Committee is hosting a training. We will attend from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and then debrief about what we learned and what we can use from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Register for Training: https://bit.ly/dsamessaging Register for SV DSA Electoral Working Group’s debrief call: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86807219453?pwd=My9GM3M2bXJDaVRhckp3TXVWTVhYQT09

AMP – Planning Chapter Meeting

Agendas and Meeting Planning committee (AMP) is meeting to put together our monthly chapter meeting coming up Sunday October 17. Register here for 10/13 planning meeting As a member-driven organization, the people in charge of what our organization does are… (drumroll)… the members themselves! But sometimes they need a little help with things like: how… Read more »

Eco-Socialist Working Group Meeting

Join us for our monthly Eco-Socialist Working Group meeting! [ZOOM LINK] Meeting will begin at 7pm. 8pm-8:30pm is for breakout time, if needed.  Short on time?  It’s perfectly fine to only attend the first hour! Venue & Accessibility Info: Language: At this time the event is planned to be held in English without translation into another… Read more »

Membership Development Committee

The Membership Development Committee welcomes new members into the chapter and trains up existing membership with new skills, and helps members develop into leaders in the chapter. Register here for our weekly calls. The first half of the meeting will be discussing items on the agenda, usually deciding on new projects and checking in on… Read more »

Solidarity Fund Work Session

The Solidarity Fund will be having a work session for getting payments processed. Zoom link: https://dsausa.zoom.us/j/88677093955

Leadership Meeting: Chapter Committee

The elected officers (Chapter Committee) meet every second and fourth Monday of the month to check in on our chapter’s admin committees, make decisions on behalf of the chapter in between general meetings, and collaborate on urgent tasks. If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of chapter administration, or have questions for the officers,… Read more »