While Silicon Valley DSA is successfully reaching new people, we’ve observed that many of our first-time meeting attendees ultimately don’t do DSA work and don’t come back. This isn’t always because they feel DSA has the wrong values, or the wrong strategy. We’ve repeatedly heard members express that they find their first meeting intimidating, and that they’re unsure how they can contribute.

Our existing “new member experience” has often been too impersonal and inconsistent. To remedy that, the officers have introduced new members sessions, more social events and, especially, the “mobilizer system.”

We believe that effective organizing is based on building personal relationships, mentorship, and connecting every member to work that matches their interests and skills. Members doing work they care about are more likely to come back to the next meeting or action, and will tend to increase their involvement as they gain confidence. This is crucial to our mission of building a mass movement towards democratic socialism.

The primary goals of the Mobilizer Working Group is to:

  • Make it easy for everyone to participate in our chapter, no matter what level of time and resources they can commit.
  • Build an active base within our chapter. This base should reflect the diversity of our community and be anchored in the working class.
  • Build a participatory, democratic, connected culture among our membership.

If you want to be in touch with an SV DSA organizer to chat about your interests and find our more about what we’re up to, you can use this form to sign up for a 1-on-1 conversation.